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We will try our best to respond as fast as we can.
We prefer not to be called as we are often busy with the animals.
For the fastest response please email us or send us a message through Facebook!

Contact info:

Phone: +34 631 29 91 67
+34 612 43 92 77


Facebook:  ASRA

Location: Muro de Alcoy, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

P.O box: Alexandra Veldhuizen, Apartado de Correos 199, Muro de Alcoy 03830, Spain


Bank account:
Asociación y refugio para animales sin posibilidades

Frequently Asked Questions
How many animals do you have?

We usually have around 100 animals.
We only take in handicapped, chronically ill or traumatized animals so they usually, sadly, do not live very long.
We usually have at least 1 animal pass away every month, and we usually take an animal in every few weeks, so the amount differs but stays around 100.

Do you take in every animal?

Our limited spaces are for those in danger or in need of rescueing.
We only take in chronically ill, handicapped or traumatized animals.
We also do not take over animals from other organizations or animals that already have been saved because we want to be able to save an animal when the animal will not be able to be saved by someon else.

Why is your vet debt so high?

Because we take in animals with high medical costs, every month, we will always have a high vet debt because the usual donations do not cover our medical costs each month.

Can i come visit?

We have traumatized animals who are scared of other people.
We will not allow day to day visits with “visiting hours”
And we do not have “cuddle” animals like some other rescues might have.
You can however still ask us to come to donate items, money or just to see everything and meet us! For your safety, when you come visit some animals will be in their cages and kennels and will not be running free like they usually are, please understand and respect this.

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+34 631 29 91 67
+34 612 43 92 77


Muro de Alcoy,
Comunidad Valenciana,

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