Today Margaret Snowden visited us!
She brought a lot of toys for Spot!
We had a video of Spot hiding her toys in her kennel, and everyone immediately fell in love with her.
So now there are toys flooding in for Spot lol!
The group “Together we can save dogs and cats everywhere” made all of this possible!
2 bags of dog food were donated by Beverley Parsons and Graham Florio, Thank you so much
We also received a 150 euro donation from Anne-Lene Lockyer and her husband David who run auctions in the UK to help animals, thank you so much for your donation
The towels are also a huge help, we use a lot of them every day in the kennels and cages inside the house for the sick cats!

We want to thank everyone who sent items from the UK specially for us, you are all amazing people.
We are so grateful for the help we have gotten the past days, our animals really need it!